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About Us


The goal of our program is to provide a loving, nurturing environment for children, while helping them to develop socialization skills and ultimately prepare them for kindergarten by teaching them academic skills as well.

We are a New York State licensed daycare center.

Our full day program offers AM and PM classes to all students who wish to take advantage of them. Younger children may take part in afternoon nap time, in leiu of the second class.

The program is tailored to each individual child's needs. We work on reading readiness, speech development and basic fine motor and gross motor skills. Our goal is to help all children reach their full potential at their own pace! It's these differences which makes our program the perfect alternative to Universal Pre-K!


The Hyde Park Nursery School was established in 1988. Over these past years we have educated and nurtured many toddlers and preschoolers.

Upcoming Events:

The children are working very hard to get ready for their recitals and graduation!... Stay tuned for more info!

Preschool Graduation Ceremony
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